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Packages that use QuerySFIndex
QueryProcessor.SF.ImgIdx Contains classes for connecting with the WINDSURF/M-tree DLL in order to solve SF-based queries on images. 
QueryProcessor.SF.kNNset Contains the index-based algorithm (k-NN-set) for a k-NN query. 

Uses of QuerySFIndex in QueryProcessor.SF.ImgIdx

Subclasses of QuerySFIndex in QueryProcessor.SF.ImgIdx
 class WindsurfQuerySFMtree
          Class representing a query for Windsurf with a scoring function to be solved with a M-tree.

Uses of QuerySFIndex in QueryProcessor.SF.kNNset

Subclasses of QuerySFIndex in QueryProcessor.SF.kNNset
 class kNNset
          Class implementing the k-NN-set algorithm for solving a query with a scoring function.