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Packages that use SkylineResultLayer
QueryProcessor.Skyline Contains algorithms for solving Skyline queries. 
QueryProcessor.Skyline.Skyset Contains the index-based algorithm (Sky-set) for a Skyline query. 

Uses of SkylineResultLayer in QueryProcessor.Skyline

Methods in QueryProcessor.Skyline that return SkylineResultLayer
abstract  SkylineResultLayer QuerySkyline.getFirstLayer()
          Computes and returns the undominated images.
 SkylineResultLayer SkylineResultLayer.getK(int k)
          Returns a layer containing a maximum of k images.
 SkylineResultLayer SkylineResultMultiLayer.getLayer(int level)
          Returns, and does not remove, the layer at a given level.
 SkylineResultLayer SkylineResultMultiLayer.getNextLayer()
          Returns, and does not remove, the next layer.
 SkylineResultLayer SkylineResultMultiLayer.removeLayer(int level)
          Returns and removes the layer at a given level.
 SkylineResultLayer SkylineResultMultiLayer.removeNextLayer()
          Returns and removes the next layer.

Uses of SkylineResultLayer in QueryProcessor.Skyline.Skyset

Methods in QueryProcessor.Skyline.Skyset that return SkylineResultLayer
 SkylineResultLayer Skyset.getFirstLayer()
          Computes and returns the undominated images.
 SkylineResultLayer Skyset.getNextLayer()
          Returns the current layer of undominated images.