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Packages that use ResultImage
QueryProcessor The Query Processor (QP) is the component that solves similarity queries over image features. 
QueryProcessor.SF Contains algorithms for solving k-NN queries with a scoring function. 
QueryProcessor.Skyline Contains algorithms for solving Skyline queries. 

Uses of ResultImage in QueryProcessor

Methods in QueryProcessor with parameters of type ResultImage
 boolean ResultImage.equals(ResultImage o)
          Compares this result image/region with the specified result image/region for equivalence.

Uses of ResultImage in QueryProcessor.SF

Subclasses of ResultImage in QueryProcessor.SF
 class ScoredResultImage
          Class representing the result image of a query with a scoring function (includes a score).

Uses of ResultImage in QueryProcessor.Skyline

Subclasses of ResultImage in QueryProcessor.Skyline
 class SkylineResultImage
          Class representing the result image of a Skyline query.

Methods in QueryProcessor.Skyline that return types with arguments of type ResultImage
 java.util.Set<ResultImage> SkylineResultLayer.getImages()
          Returns the set of images in this layer.

Methods in QueryProcessor.Skyline with parameters of type ResultImage
 void SkylineResultLayer.addResult(ResultImage image)
          Adds an image to this layer.