F. Benzi, D. Maio, S. Rizzi. Visionary: a viewpoint-based visual language for querying relational databases. Journal of Visual Languages and Computing, vol. 10, n. 2, pp. 117-145, 1999.


The adoption of a visual interface can simplify the query formulation process in DBMSs by enabling naive users to interact with a friendly environment. In this work we propose a visual query language based on a diagrammatic paradigm, used for both data and query representation. The external data model is called vision and is made up of the visual primitives of concept and association. The external query model is based on the definition of a viewpoint, which is a perspective for accessing data defined dynamically by selecting a concept of primary interest. Internally, the data model is relational and the query language is SQL. An intermediate graph-based model ensures consistent mapping between the visual and the relational worlds. Our language has been implemented within a tool which can be mounted on top of any relational DBMS supporting ODBC. The system has been tested with naive users; the results of the experiment are reported and compared with those obtained with other visual languages.

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