(Semantic-based HIerarchical Automatic Tagging of videos by Segmentation using cUts)



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SHIATSU is a general framework for the smart management of large video collections.

The goal of SHIATSU is to provide efficient and effective tools for:

  1. automatically segmenting a video into visually coherent scenes (possibly also exploiting audio content), representing each scene by way of a set of representative keyframes;
  2. automatic tagging of keyframes/scenes/videos with simple textual tags and/or semantic tags, i.e., concepts extracted from taxonomies/ontologies;
  3. searching scenes/videos by way of textual/semantic tags and/or visual similarity (e.g., “give me the scenes tagged with "Leonardo DiCaprio" which are visually similar to "this" picture of a ship”).

SHIATSU has been applied in several real contexts, among which a digital interactive application involving movies. A collaboration with Cineteca di Bologna has also been started for the enhanced management of digital video archives.

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