Windsurf (Wavelet-based INDexing of ImageS Using Region Fragmentation)



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Windsurf is a general framework for efficiently processing content-based image queries. With particular emphasis to the region-based paradigm, Windsurf provides an environment where different alternatives of the paradigm can be implemented. This allows such implementations to be compared on a fair basis, from the points of view of both effectiveness and efficiency.

The framework offers a number of appealing features, including:

  • extensibility and personalization: different types of low-level image representation, image segmentation, feature extraction, and region comparison criteria can coexist and be compared;
  • support of different types of region matching constraint (i.e., 1-1 and N-M);
  • efficient processing of rank-based and preference-based queries (i.e., k-NN, range, and Skyline queries);
  • handling of different types of queries (full vs. part-of queries).

As a first taste of the functionalities of the Windsurf framework, the following example shows a query requesting for the "Dome of St. Peter" and its corresponding results according to one of the implementations included in the framework.

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