Windsurf (Wavelet-based INDexing of ImageS Using Region Fragmentation)



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Software library

Windsurf is a Java library having the goal of providing a general framework for the efficient processing of content-based image retrieval queries. The library primarily focuses on region-based retrieval and has the ability to encompass different querying models. Such flexibility is provided by a number of different templates that can be appropriately instantiated in order to realize the particular retrieval model needed by the user.

The library is released under the "QPL" license and is freely available for your own use only, for education and research purposes only. For commercial purposes, we are able to grant a differently licensed version of the library that does not contain the above restrictions.

Contributors: Ilaria Bartolini, Marco Patella, and Guido Stromei

If you write a paper using results obtained with the help of the Windsurf library, please cite the reference listed at the top of the publications page. This is the usual, fair way of giving credit to contributors to a scientific result. In addition, it helps us justify our effort in developing the Library as an academic undertaking.