Class SortedAccessMtreeRoundRobin

  extended by QueryProcessor.Utils.SortedAccess
      extended by QueryProcessor.Utils.SortedAccessMtree
          extended by QueryProcessor.Utils.SortedAccessMtreeRoundRobin

public class SortedAccessMtreeRoundRobin
extends SortedAccessMtree

Class for the management of sorted accesses to the region M-tree using the round robin policy.

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class QueryProcessor.Utils.SortedAccess
query, time
Constructor Summary
SortedAccessMtreeRoundRobin(java.lang.String filename, Image query)
          Basic constructor.
Method Summary
protected  int getBestSortedAccess()
          Selects the region scan to be performed next using the round robin policy.
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getDistances, getNext, resetDistances
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getCount, getImage, getNext, getTime, reset
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Constructor Detail


public SortedAccessMtreeRoundRobin(java.lang.String filename,
                                   Image query)
Basic constructor.

filename - The absolute path of the file containing the M-tree index.
query - Query image.
Method Detail


protected int getBestSortedAccess()
Selects the region scan to be performed next using the round robin policy.

Specified by:
getBestSortedAccess in class SortedAccess
Index of the best region scan.