Class WindsurfSortedAccessResult

  extended by QueryProcessor.Utils.SortedAccessResult
      extended by QueryProcessor.Utils.WindsurfSortedAccessResult

public class WindsurfSortedAccessResult
extends SortedAccessResult

Class representing the result of a sorted access to the region index for Windsurf.

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class QueryProcessor.Utils.SortedAccessResult
distance, id, index
Constructor Summary
WindsurfSortedAccessResult(ScoredResultImage image, int index)
          Basic constructor.
Method Summary
 ImageID getImageID()
          Returns the ID of the image containing the result region.
Methods inherited from class QueryProcessor.Utils.SortedAccessResult
getDistance, getIndex, getRegionID
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Constructor Detail


public WindsurfSortedAccessResult(ScoredResultImage image,
                                  int index)
Basic constructor.

image - The region obtained through sorted access.
index - Index of the requested sorted access (query region).
Method Detail


public ImageID getImageID()
Returns the ID of the image containing the result region.

Specified by:
getImageID in class SortedAccessResult
ID of the image containing the result region.