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Packages that use RawDataManager
Feature Contains wrapper classes for operations on image features. 
RawDataManager The Raw Data Manager (RDM) is the component in charge of managing the raw data about images (e.g., where they are stored). 

Uses of RawDataManager in Feature

Methods in Feature that return RawDataManager
 RawDataManager FeatureInterface.getRawDataManager()
          Returns the RawDataManager in use.
 RawDataManager WrapperFeature.getRDM()
          Returns the Raw Data Manager in use.

Constructors in Feature with parameters of type RawDataManager
FeatureInterface(RawDataManager rdm, FeatureManager.FeatureManager fm, java.lang.String tempPath)
          Basic constructor.

Uses of RawDataManager in RawDataManager

Subclasses of RawDataManager in RawDataManager
 class RawDataManagerMySQL
          Extends Raw Data Manager functionalities for a MySQL DB.
 class RawDataManagerWindsurfMySQL
          Implements a Raw Data Manager for Windsurf on a MySQL DB.
 class WindsurfRawDataManagerMySQL
          Implementazione del Raw Data Manager che lavora su database MySql.