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Get the number of available text tracks:

var x = document.getElementById("myVideo").textTracks.length;
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Definition and Usage

The textTracks property returns a TextTrackList object.

The TextTrackList object represents the available text tracks for the video.

Each available text track is represented by a TextTrack Object.

Browser Support

Internet Explorer Firefox Opera Google Chrome Safari

The textTracks property is supported in Internet Explorer, Opera, Chrome, and Safari 6.

Note: The textTracks property is not supported in Firefox and Internet Explorer 9 and earlier versions.



Return Value

Type Description
TextTrackList Object Represents the available text tracks for the the video.

TextioTrackList Object:

  • length - get the number of text tracks available in the video
  • [index] - get TextTrack object by index

Note: The first available TextTrack object is index 0

TextTrack Object Represents a text track.

TextTrack Object Properties:

  • kind - get the type of the text track (can be: "subtitles", "caption", "descriptions", "chapters", or "metadata")
  • label - get the label of the text track
  • language - get the language of the text track
  • mode - get or set if the track is active ("disabled"|"hidden"|"showing")
  • cues - get a list of cues as a TextTrackCueList object
  • activeCues - get the currently active text track cues as a TextTrackCueList object
  • addCue(cue) - add a cue to the list of cues
  • removeCue(cue) - remove a cue from the list of cues

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